Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

When discussing corporate identity we either refer to it as strong or weak. The identity is more or less permanent unless changed deliberately. Examples of iconic identities/logos include HSBC, Maersk and Apple that have remained permanent.

Many SME or Sole traders create an identity from their passion, which is understandable. Nonetheless, the majority are not aware of the impact of a clearly defined identity including the use of colours, fonts, logo placement on print, digital and in communication.

Corporate Identity Pricing Example


Basic Logo Design

Four colour logo design with option of monochrome, provided in different formats including vector file (free transform), on white and transparent background.

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Basic Identity

Basic logo design, combination of colour schemes, stationary (Business card, letterhead and invoice) and email signature.

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Standard Corporate Identity

Combination of colour schemes, logo designs, basic brand package that includes full stationary, business card, email signature, tri pamphlet and corporate book.

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